Indukern F&F Ingredients  with head office in Barcelona,  has strategically located warehouses and its own laboratories at the ZAL (the largest logistics platform in Barcelona, with excellent intermodal connections) in the vicinity of Barcelona's port and airport. Its premises cover an area of 15,000 m2.

In order to give its operations international coverage, Indukern, S.A. has 7 regional offices along with two subsidiaries of the F&F division in Brazil and Mexico, guaranteeing supplies to Latin America with a minimal turnaround.

The fact that it has its own private customs warehouse offers considerable competitive advantages in exporting its products on international markets.

Other operations which take place on its premises include:

Packaging zone

Allowing it to serve its products in a range of presentations from small-capacity packs to containers of up to 1 tonne.

Raw materials processing plant

Certain products require specific processing, such as filtration, homogenisation, decolourisation and other techniques.

These processes are performed at a plant equipped with tanks and pressure filters with a broad spectrum of capacities for this purpose.

Shipment zone

The shipment zone has more than 5 loading bays, along with a labelling, palletisation and shrink-wrapping zone.

Specific storage zone (Refrigerator / Heater)

A refrigerator and heater with capacity for 80 drums each serve to store products under optimum conditions.

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