At Indukern F&F Ingredients the concept of quality covers all the company's activities, with the aim of achieving the highest possible levels of client satisfaction.

Our commitment to quality is based on:

Quality control

All raw materials are subjected to rigorous quality control at the organoleptic, physical/chemical and chromatographic levels, based on a highly automated analysis circuit dedicated to compliance with individual clients specifications and the legislation in force.

Assurance and continuous improvement of processes, services and products

Indukern SA has in place an integrated quality, safety and environmental management system based on compliance with the ISO 9001:2008, Fami QS and Responsible Care standards.


Indukern F&F Ingredients is dedicated to innovation, investing a considerable proportion of its resources in two fundamental strategies:

  • Analytical development and continuous improvement of control procedures, including advanced GC/MS techniques, such as two-dimensional chiral column analysis.
  • Research into essential oils (new products and specialties, technical consultancy, etc.).


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